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Arab League condemns Israel’s bloody aggression on Gaza


CAIRO, Tuesday, November 12, 2019 (WAFA) - The Arab League condemned today the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, in which a number of Palestinians were killed and wounded.

In a statement, the Arab league said in a statement that this aggression comes in continuation of series of aggression and crimes by the Israeli occupation.

The League held the Israeli government responsible for this aggression with all its consequences, stressing that the Israeli army committed a horrific crime at dawn on Tuesday.

“This comes in the context of exposed Israeli attempts to let the Palestinian people pay the price of the predicaments and agendas of Israeli parties,” the statement said.

Israel wants to push the situation in the besieged Gaza Strip to further deterioration and to drag the region into violence and turmoil that will exceed the region to threaten international peace and security, according to the statement.

The Arab League also called for international intervention to stop the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, calling for providing the Palestinian people with international protection.

Earlier in the day, Israeli airstrikes killed a senior Islamic Jihad commander and his wife while asleep at their home in Gaza city.

Five more people were killed in Israeli airstrikes during the day across the Gaza Strip, according to health ministry.


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