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PLO condemns international silence on Israel’s interrogation of 4-year-old


RAMALLAH, Tuesday, July 30, 2019 (WAFA) – The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) today condemned the international community’s silence on the interrogation of a 4-year-old Palestinian boy by Israeli police in the occupied city of East Jerusalem.

The PLO Civil Society and Human Rights Department said in a press release that it would not have been possible for Israel to summon Mohammad Rabi Elayyan to appear for interrogation “without US support and the international community’s silence on the practices of this outlaw entity—in reference to Israel.”

Israeli police issued a warrant for interrogation against Elayyan, alleging that the boy threw stones at a police vehicle.

Mohammad and his father, Rabi Elayyan, went to the Israeli police station on Salah Eddin Street in East Jerusalem this morning, accompanied by fellow residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiyeh who came to protest the boy’s interrogation.

Rabia Elayyan was briefly interrogated by police before he and his son were released.

The PLO Civil Society and Human Rights Department that Israel has committed this crime to “terrorize the Palestinian people and convey the message that none, even the United Nations, the UN Security Council and all other UN organizations, can protect Palestinians from the brutality of the Israeli occupation.”

Israel’s behavior, which acts as if it is above international law and immune from international reproach, “legalizes terrorism and criminality worldwide and normalizes the violation of international conventions.”  

The PLO department urged all states worldwide to comply with their obligations as per international human rights conventions and prosecute the Israeli government and leaders before the International Criminal Court.


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