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Newspapers Review: The devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria continues to dominate dailies’ front page

Newspapers Review: The devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria continues to dominate dailies’ front page

RAMALLAH, Thursday, February 9, 2023 (WAFA) – News about the devastating earthquake that hit southern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday continues to dominate the front page of the three Palestinian Arabic dailies published today.

Al-Quds and al-Ayyam dailies made this topic their main front-page story saying that the number of dead has exceeded 13,000, with al-Quds saying that people die under the rubble every second.

Al-Ayyam said 72 Palestinians were killed in the earthquake, most of them in Syria, and said that a family from the Gaza Strip is missing in the Turkey earthquake.

The third daily, al-Hayat al-Jadida, also reported on this topic on its front page and said that President Mahmoud Abbas called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad offering his condolences and offering support.

It featured a story about a family from the Gaza Strip that left the hard life in the besieged sea enclave 12 years ago looking for a better life in Turkey but ended up dead in the earthquake that hit Turkey.

The paper also said that within two hours, two tremors hit the northern West Bank with their epicenter in the Nablus area.

Al-Ayyam said these tremors are normal daily quake activity.

The main front-page story in al-Hayat al-Jadida highlighted the daily Israeli military incursions into the West Bank and said that two people were injured, one critical, during an army raid of Nablus.

This topic was also covered on the front page of al-Ayyam and al-Quds dailies.

Al-Quds quoted King Abdullah saying Jordan is taking diplomatic steps to keep calm in the occupied Palestinian territories and said the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is feeding escalation by rushing pro-settlement laws.

Al-Ayyam said a road for settlers will be expanded at the expense of lands from Hizma, Jaba and Mikhmas, east and north of Jerusalem.

It said the Israeli army ordered four Palestinian families in Humsa al-Fouqa to leave their homes this morning because the army wants to conduct military training in the area of their homes.

It also said that the International Criminal Court set a timeline for offering a legal advisory opinion on the Israeli occupation.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida said agreements worth $43 million were signed with Arab and Islamic funds for health, education, and infrastructure projects in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,

It also said that the city of Barcelona canceled a twinning agreement with Tel Aviv in protest against the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.


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