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Fikra, an online Palestinian cultural and literary magazine, awaiting the launch of its first edition

Fikra, an online Palestinian cultural and literary magazine, awaiting the launch of its first edition

RAMALLAH, Saturday, January 14, 2023 (WAFA) – Fikra, a new online Palestinian Arabic-English cultural and literary magazine is expected to be soon launched from Ramallah.

Fikra is “on a mission to push the limits of storytelling,” the publishers of the online magazine, the Palestinian-Dutch couple Aisha Hamed and Kevin Kruiter, describe its goal in a press release.

“The intensified crackdown on Palestinian culture taking place both online and offline and the censorship of Palestinian voices have reached an unprecedented level,” said the couple who abandoned their careers in international development to establish the Palestinian literary magazine.

“Securing ultimate freedom of speech and limiting censorship is at the core of Fikra’s values,” and as a result, Fikra, which in Arabic means idea, was initiated.

According to the press release, Fikra is an online Palestinian literary magazine that publishes essays, short stories and poetry in both Arabic and English.

“Fikra magazine welcomes Palestinians from every part of the world to share their stories and visions - and in unity contribute to the modern, Palestinian cultural heritage,” it said, stressing its independence from any government or institutional funding as the publishers strive to raise funds for the magazine from independent and non-governmental parties.

It says that so far it was able to secure €60,000 through pledges, and the goal is to raise an additional €30,000 through a crowdfunding campaign, which was launched last week, to cover the operating costs of the magazine for the year 2023, which includes paying “fair wages” to all contributors, writers and staff members.

The response to Fikra has been overwhelmingly positive, according to the press release.

Commenting on the magazine, Mahmoud Shukair, a writer, said: “I think that the emergence of Fikra at this particular time is very appropriate. We need a magazine that attracts the young generation as well as a new generation of writers. While seeking to remain in the Palestinian and Arab space, Fikra will also bring Palestinian literature to a wider, global audience in English-speaking countries. It is important, it will be useful not only for Palestinian literature but for the Palestinian cause in general.”


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