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Israeli forces detain two Palestinians, ransack houses in Jenin

JENIN, Friday, November 6, 2020 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Friday morning detained two Palestinians and ransacked a number of houses in Jenin district, according to local sources.

Fatah official Hussein Jaradat confirmed an Israeli military raid in Zububa village, surrounded by Israel’s wall on three sides, northwest of Jenin city, where soldiers broke into a number of houses, close to the wall, interrogated occupants and collected information on them.

The soldiers did so purportedly in search of a number of youths suspected of cutting a part of Israel’s fence close to the houses.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces rounded up two Palestinians after ransacking their families houses in a raid that triggered confrontations in Jenin refugee camp.

Located 10 kilometers to the northwest of Jenin city, Zububa has a population of 2,450 (2020 census) and its area spanned over 15,400 dunams before the Nakba, a term used to describe the tragedy Israel’s establishment has inflicted upon the Palestinian people in 1948.

Since the Nakba, the village has experienced gradual land grab. According to the United Nations, the village lost some 18,000 dunums across the Green Line, some 2,000 dunums in 1959 and 26 dunums in 1999 to construct the Salem DCL and military base. That same year, thirty-three dunums was also confiscated to build a trench, one and a half meters wide and two meters deep along the Green Line.

Israel has constructed a section of the apartheid wall, isolating some 250 dunums of the village’s land, some 50 to 80 meters on the Zububa side of the Green Line, and pushing the villagers into a crowded enclave, a ghetto, covering no more than 1,500 dunums, surrounded by walls, settlements and military installations.

The area of the land seized and/or separated by the wall exceeds 1,700 dunums as estimated by the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem (ARIJ). During the course of the wall construction, some 1,500 olive and almond trees were uprooted.


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