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Health ministry: Five people died of H1N1 flu virus in Palestine since the start of winter


RAMALLAH, Thursday, January 09, 2020 (WAFA) – Five people have died in Palestine of H1N1 flu virus since the start of the winter season in September, today said the Palestinian Ministry of Health, explaining that this figure is even less than last year’s.

It said in a statement that 930 people were treated for the flu this season and 70 cases had the H1N1 virus, five of whom have died.

The ministry explained that the five had chronic diseases, which explains their death from the virus.

It said H1N1 is a seasonal flu epidemic just like any other flu virus and it is under control and therefore there should be no panic since people with weak immune system such as the elderly, pregnant women and children are susceptible to die from any flu virus.

The Ministry of Health said it bought 30,000 flu vaccines since before the winter season has started and they were given out to the most vulnerable in the Palestinian territories.


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