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Israel plans to demolish another Palestinian house part of its collective punishment policy


HEBRON, Tuesday, December 18, 2018 (WAFA) – As part of its collective punishment policy against the Palestinian people, the Israeli military government informed the family of Khalil Jabarin on Tuesday that it intends to demolish its house in the town of Yatta, in the south of the occupied West Bank.

The military said Jabarin, 16, stabbed and killed an Israeli settler in the south of the West Bank in September before he was shot and killed by an Israeli passerby.

Local and Palestinian security sources told WAFA that the army informed the Jabarin family of its plan to demolish its home as a punishment for the act of its son.

Israel has demolished two homes of Palestinians accused of attacking Israelis since Saturday - one in Ramallah and the second in Tulkarm - after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to accelerate demolishing homes of Palestinians who attacked Israelis in a vengeful act following recent Palestinian attacks that claimed lives of Israeli soldiers.

Israel is also considering exiling families of the attackers as part of its revenge policy, a step seen as a serious violation of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.


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