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Israel military conducts drills in populated West Bank areas


RAMALLAH, January 2, 2018 (WAFA) – Israeli forces conducted on Monday night and Tuesday military drills in lands belonging to Khirbet al-Tawil in the town of Aqraba, north of the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.

Yousef Derieh, member of the anti-settlements committee in Aqraba, told WAFA that Israeli soldiers have been conducting military drills since early morning hours in Khirbet al-Tawil after declaring the area a closed military zone.

He added that the drills are taking a place in 3500 dunums of planted lands, which are now threatened to be damaged, noting that there are 18 Palestinian families living in Khirbet al-Tawil who refuse to leave the area at Israel’s orders.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces conducted on Monday night military drills with live ammunition near the town of Arraba, south of the city of Jenin, according to witnesses.

They said the soldiers used flares and ambulances as foot patrols were deployed between olive trees and on the main Jenin-Nablus road, stopping cars and forcing passengers to get out of the cars while others were shooting in the air nearby.

The soldiers also raided a nearby village, which appeared to be part of the live drill in populated Palestinian areas in the occupied West Bank.


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