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For the second consecutive day, Israeli army continues to harass, terrorize civilians in Yabad


Israeli soldiers operating in the town of Yabad in the north of the West Bank. (WAFA Images / Odai Deibis) 

JENIN, Wednesday, May 13, 2020 (WAFA) – For the second day in a row, Israeli soldiers continued to harass and terrorize Palestinian civilians in the northern West Bank town of Yabad as part of its collective punishment policy against the entire town after a soldier was killed yesterday when hit in the head by a rock thrown at him from a rooftop during an army operation in the town.

Town residents said soldiers, in their pursuit of the assailant who is still at large, continued to raid and ransack homes during the night hours, terrorized children, and arrested and interrogated residents.

They said during the search, the soldiers stole money and gold from some homes.

The army yesterday imposed a full siege on the town after blocking all its access roads with dirt mounds and cement blocks and prevented people from entering or leaving it while deploying soldiers in and around the town.


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