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Israeli military shuts down Hebron radio station for six months

HEBRON, August 31, 2017 (WAFA) – Israeli army forces Thursday raided a radio station in Hebron and confiscated transmission devices, equipment and televisions and shut it down for six months.

According to WAFA’s correspondent in Hebron, Israeli soldiers raided al-Hurriya Media Company, which runs Manbar al-Hurriya radio station and al-Nawras TV, and detained two employees before vandalizing and confiscating transmission devices and equipment.

The army delivered a military order to shut down the radio for six months until February 14, 2018, under the pretext of “taking part in and inciting terrorist attacks”.

Ayman Qawasmi, Manbar al-Hurriya’s chairman of board, said “This is not the first time Israel shuts down the radio station, where 56 people work to support their families. We are not surprised by Israel’s barbaric policy and it will not silence the voice of Manbar al-Hurriya.

According to the military order, the employees and owners of the radio are entirely banned from accessing the radio station.

Mahmoud Iqnibi, public relations manager, told WAFA, “They circled the building and raided the radio station and TV. They uninstalled transmission devices, broke the live camera and surveillance cameras and equipment. However, they only shut down the radio station.”

He described Israel’s order to raid, vandalize and shut down the radio station and TV as a serious crime. “We call on journalists around the world in general and Palestine in specific to stand in solidarity with the radio station. Closing the station is an attempt to silence Palestinians and cover Israel’s crimes.”


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