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Palestinians stand by family to stop Israeli army from demolishing its home


RAMALLAH, Wednesday, December 12, 2018 (WAFA) – A group of Palestinian activists calling themselves the Popular Campaign to Protect the Abu Hmeid Home said on Wednesday that its members will keep a vigil at the Abu Hmeid home in Amari refugee camp in Ramallah to prevent the Israeli army from demolishing it.

The army had set Wednesday as the deadline for the family to evacuate its four-story building in order to demolish it after it accused a family member of throwing a big tile on a soldier in the camp and killing him.

The activists said they will stay with the family to prevent the demolition and called for a number of activities in the coming two days in support of the family.

The Abu Hmeid family has five of its members serving life terms or long sentences in Israeli prisons for resisting the occupation and one son was shot and killed by the army several years ago.

The army had demolished the Abu Hmeid house twice before and the family, with support from the community, had rebuilt it.

The army had previously said it will demolish the floor where Islam Abu Hmeid, the person alleged to have thrown the tile and killed the soldier and who is in army custody, lived.

However, an Israeli court gave the army the green light to demolish the entire building where even his brothers and their families live following an appeal by the army.


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