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After rallying in Ramallah, Palestinians clash with Israeli soldiers at checkpoint north of city


RAMALLAH, Tuesday, February 11, 2020 (WAFA) – After rallying in Ramallah today against the American so-called deal of the century, few dozen Palestinians marched to the nearest Israeli military checkpoint north of the city where they clashed with Israeli soldiers.

Witnesses said Israeli soldiers manning the checkpoint known as the DCO showered the Palestinians with teargas canisters and fired rubber bullets at them as they approached the checkpoint in an attempt to disperse them. The Palestinians responded by pelting the soldiers with stones and by burning tires.

Several people suffered suffocation and were treated by medics at the location.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied in Ramallah today against the American plan and in support of President Mahmoud Abbas who is expected to speak at the United Nations Security Council on the American plan later today.


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