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Palestinian alleged to have killed an Israeli settler in West Bank attack reported dead


JENIN, February 6, 2018 (WAFA) – A Palestinian resident of Jenin, in the northern West Bank alleged to have been responsible for the drive-by fatal shooting of an Israeli settler last month was reported killed by Israeli forces in the town of al-Yamoun, west of Jenin, on Tuesday.

Reports based on the Israeli military claimed that after weeks of failed attempts, army units were finally able to kill Ahmad Nasr Jarrar during a raid at al-Yamoun that included demolishing a house where he was supposed to have been hiding.

Palestinians reported seeing the army removing a body from the demolished house, but were not able to confirm if it was for Jarrar.

However, the governor of Jenin, Ibrahim Ramadan, told WAFA that his office was officially informed that Jarrar was killed in the army operation.

A relative of Jarrar also confirmed finding his cloths and a will in the building Jarrar was reportedly killed in after the army had left the area.

The nationalist forces in Jenin announced over loudspeakers in the city the death of Jarrar and called on people to participate in a protest march from a Jenin mosque to Wad Burqin, where the Jarrar family lives.

Israeli reports said the army bragged about being able to kill Jarrar after running weeks of wide-scale manhunt for him in the north of the West Bank. At one point, the army killed on January 18 another member of the Jarrar family with the same name as Ahmad believing it was him. The army also demolished three homes belonging to the extended Jarrar family in Wad Burqin during that operation to capture Jarrar.

The army also killed Ahmad Abu Obeid, a Jenin resident, two days ago following one of the operations to capture Jarrar.

Head of the Palestinian civil coordinating office in Jenin, Khalil Tanneh, told WAFA that a shoot-out occurred after the Israeli army surrounded a house in Yamoun on Tuesday. He said the army demolished a wall, sections of a shed and uprooted olive trees in their pursuit of Jarrar.

Residents of Yamoun clashed with the Israeli forces that raided their town early Tuesday.

Several people were hurt in the clashes with the Ministry of Health saying two people were admitted to Jenin hospital from Yamoun, one with light injury from a rubber bullet to the head and the second hit in the leg by a tear gas grenade.


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