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Fatah to fight against UN resolution condemning Hamas


RAMALLAH, Saturday, December 01, 2018 (WAFA) – In spite of all the differences with Hamas, Fatah is going to fight against an anti-Hamas resolution the United States plans to submit to the United Nations General Assembly, a senior Fatah member said on Saturday.

Fatah spokesman and member of its Revolutionary Council, Usama Qawasmi, said that despite of what Hamas has done to undermine the legitimate Palestinian Authority, “we nevertheless totally reject American-Israeli efforts to brand Hamas with terrorism at the UN and we will fight to defeat this resolution.”

He said that Fatah will not do as Hamas did when it attacked President Mahmoud Abbas as he addressed the UN on September 27, but rather “we will stand against all hostile efforts to condemn you (Hamas) at the United Nations.”

Qawasmi said the world should instead condemn the Israeli occupation authority, “which is the true face of state-sponsored terrorism.”


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