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Foreign Ministry summons Norway’s representative to discuss death of Shatha Barghouti


RAMALLAH, Thursday, September 05, 2019 (WAFA) – The Foreign Ministry summoned yesterday Norway’s Representative to the Palestinian Authority, Hilde Haraldstad, in order to discuss with her the latest regarding the yet-unexplained death of Palestinian-Norwegian girl, Shatha Barghouti, 17, who died while in the custody of a Norwegian .childcare center after she and her two siblings were taken away from their parents six years ago.

The two sides stressed the importance of conducting a thorough investigation into Barghouti’s death, particularly possibility of negligence by the childcare center.

Haraldstad explained that Norwegian law prevents violence against children and that the Norwegian government cannot comment on issues of this nature, but that there are clear mechanisms of investigation that will be followed to reveal the circumstances of Barghouti’s death.

On the other hand, Palestine’s ambassador to Norway, Marie Sidein, met yesterday with Barghouti’s parents to brief them on the latest regarding the death of their daughter and help them get their other two sons from the Norwegian center to live with them.


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