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Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails facing crackdown


RAMALLAH, Wednesday, January 02, 2019 (WAFA) – An Israeli committee headed by Minister of Internal Security Gilad Irdan decided on Wednesday to implement a series of measures against Palestinian prisoners under the pretext the prisoners were living an easy life, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Commission.

It said Irdan had set up this committee few months ago made up of Israeli parliamentarians, the Shabac security service and prisons security service in order to see how to make life of the Palestinian prisoners unbearable.

The committee decided to reduce prisoners’ family visits to the bare minimum, would not recognize prisoners’ representatives, would end separation of prisoners based on their political affiliation, stop money coming to the canteen from the Prisoners Commission that amounts to a little more $100 for every prisoner, reduce the families’ contribution to the canteen money from about $300 to around $150 and deny the prisoners the right to prepare food inside the wards or cells and take away all electrical cocking appliances.

The Prisoners Commission said Irdan’s conditioned choosing a new prisons administration on presenting a plan to make life for the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails very difficult.

Qadri Abu Baker, head of the Prisoners Commission, called for a firm national stand against these new measures aimed at the prisoners.


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