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Cabinet Condemns Execution of Pregnant Mother, Brother at Qalandia Checkpoint

RAMALLAH, April 28, 2016 (WAFA) – The Palestinian cabinet Thursday condemned the international silence towards the execution of the Taha siblings, and the reaction towards Israel’s violations, including arrests, raids and harassment.

The government’s spokesperson Yousef Mahmoud said in a press release that the execution of siblings Maram and Ibrahim Taha at Qalandia military checkpoint Wednesday is just another crime to be added to a long Israeli record.

He said “There is nothing that can justify the crime which has been committed against a pregnant mother and her brother”, and said the Israeli government has a mafia-like mentality.

Mahmoud held the Israeli government responsible for the crime and denounced the silence of the international community saying it allows the continuation of such violations and crimes.

He demanded the international community to take an immediate action to protect the Palestinian people and release all prisoners including head of the Palestinian journalists syndicate Omar Nazal.


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