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Palestine could be on way to a second wave of coronavirus pandemic, warns Minister of Health


RAMALLAH, Tuesday, June 16, 2020 (WAFA) – Palestinian could be on the way to a second wave of coronavirus pandemic in the event the number of infections continues to rise, today warned Minister of Health Mai Alkaila.

She said during a meeting for her ministry staff that her teams and the Epidemiology Committee are examining the current situation in Palestine and possible scenarios in light of an increase in the number of coronavirus cases being recorded.

Alkaila pointed out that compliance with health protocols and safety and prevention measures will spare Palestine a second wave of the virus, drawing attention of the public of the importance of taking matters seriously, and strictly adhering to the Ministry of Health and the competent authorities’ instructions in order to protect themselves and their families from the pandemic.

The instructions include wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding gatherings as much as possible, with the necessity for all shops, clubs, barber shops and beauty salons, all establishments, ministries, and public and private bodies to abide by the preventive measures or be penalized.

While nine districts were recently declared free from the virus, this number has now decreased to four, she added.

To date, Palestine, which includes occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, has recorded 690 cases of coronavirus, including 115 still active after 570 cases have recovered and five deaths.

When broken down by area, the West Bank has 434 corona cases and two deaths, Gaza 72 cases and one death, and East Jerusalem 184 cases and two deaths.

The number of recoveries in the West Bank is 370, Gaza 45, and 155 in East Jerusalem.


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