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Fatah spokesman in Gaza says meeting called for by Hamas an attempt to vindicate itself


RAMALLAH, August 6, 2018 (WAFA) – The meeting for the political factions Hamas has called for on Sunday in Gaza to talk about reports of  a possible  truce with Israel was an attempt by Hamas to vindicate itself after it realized the public’s anger at these reports, Fatah spokesman in Gaza Atef Abu Seif said on Monday.

He told Voice of Palestine radio that there was no agreement in the meeting on anything and that each faction presented its own views on the recent developments.

He said the factions made it clear to Hamas that they do not want truce with Israel.

Recent efforts that included United Nations officials and Egypt focused on guaranteeing calm in the Gaza Strip through a long term truce with Israel in return for improving living conditions of two million Gazans suffering from a 12-year long Israeli siege.

However, the deal is facing difficulties in light of Israeli demands deemed not acceptable to the Palestinian factions.

Abu Seif called on Hamas to cut the road short on itself and accept the Egyptian paper for reconciliation that would reunite the West Bank and Gaza Strip after 11 years of division.


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