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Foreign Ministry lashes out at US envoy Greenblatt, says he dismissed the Palestinians


RAMALLAH, February 5, 2018 (WAFA) - The Palestinian Foreign Ministry lashed out on Monday at US peace envoy Jason Greenblatt accusing him of dismissing any role for the Palestinians in his plan for a Middle East settlement.

It said in a statement that the Palestinian side will not react or respond to any statement or position by Greenblatt, regardless of their content, particularly his disregard for the Palestinians and their basic rights.

The ministry said Greenblatt took very strong pro-Israel positions and sounded very right-wing “to the extent that the right wing in Israel were astonished to find a supportive voice willing to take their place in making such statements.”

It said that recent revelations about Greenblatt’s remarks in Tel Aviv or at the Gaza borders, or during meetings with European and foreign diplomats and on Twitter “confirm that the Palestinians, in his eyes, are not part of the political process nor is he interested in their opinion."

“The plan, which was drafted by Israel and adopted by the US administration, transcends the Palestinians and favors dealing with regional actors while dropping the Palestinian factor from efforts to resolve the conflict while trying to bring Israel together with some countries of the region under the label of the ‘Iranian threat’.”

The ministry expected Greenblatt’s plan to fail because none in the region would agree to dismiss the Palestinian factor from any peace plan or even to drop the issue of Jerusalem from a peace settlement.

“Greenblatt‘s plan will have no chance of success,” it said.


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