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Family of woman killed by a stone thrown by settlers banned from entering Israel for work


RAMALLAH, Monday, October 22, 2018 (WAFA) – The Israel Security Service, the Shabac, cancelled work permits for the husband and brothers of a Palestinian woman who was killed by a stone thrown by Israeli settlers at a car she was in last week, according to Israeli media reports.

Aisha Rabi, 48, a mother of eight from the northern West Bank village of Bidya, was killed on October 12 when hit in the head by a stone her husband, Yacoub, insists was thrown by settlers at their car as they were driving home at night.

The Israeli reports said Rabi’s brothers and husband were surprised to find out that they were punished for the settlers’ murder of Aisha by revoking their work permit even though they were victims of the attack.

The Shabac, according to these reports, claimed the ban was temporary.

No one was so far arrested as the Shabac says it was continuing with the investigation.

The Palestinian Authority has condemned the murder of Rabi and called for international protection for the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation.


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