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Palestinians protest UK invitation to Netanyahu to join Balfour centennial celebrations

RAMALLAH, February 23, 2017 (WAFA) – Palestinians Thursday protested the United Kingdom’s invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to mark the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration when then British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour promised Europe’s Jews a homeland in Palestine at the expense of its indigenous Arab population.

The protest was held in front of the British Council in Ramallah, the UK‘s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations, where protesters held banners calling on the UK to withdraw the invitation and the celebrations.

Mustafa Barghouthi, secretary general of the Palestinian National Initiative, said the protest was only one in a series of protests to be held to voice opposition to the UK’s decision.

“Inviting Netanyahu adds insult to injury and the Palestinian leadership must pressure the UK to apologize for the declaration and cancel the celebrations,” he said.

Barghouthi called for strengthening the relation with the British opposition that stands with the Palestinian people and informing the UK that its interests will be affected due to such decisions.

“Since Theresa May became prime minister, she took steps that oppose the European approach which is an indication of bias towards the [Israeli] occupation. We, however, have the best opposition in the UK and we will make sure to strengthen its role in favor of our cause,” he said.



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