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Israeli army re-detains sister of alleged Palestinian attacker


NABLUS, October 11, 2018 (WAFA) – The Israeli army re-detained on Thursday Fayrouz Naalweh, sister of Ashraf Naalweh who is accused of killing two Israelis in a West Bank settlement on  Sunday, according to Nasr Shreim, the husband of Fayrouz.

He told WAFA that soldiers had raided their Nablus home for four times since the incident, interrogated his wife on the spot and released her during every raid until they re-detained his wife on Thursday for the second time and seized their cellular phones.

Fayrouz, who along with her husband are instructors at Najah University in Nablus, was first detained on Monday and held for several hours before she was released.

Later reports said the Israeli army detained on Thursday a second sister of Ashraf, Sundos Naalweh, 20, a university student, after raiding her family home in Shweikeh.

The army had detained Ashraf’s parents and his two other sisters after raiding their home in the northern West Bank town of Shweikeh on Tuesday and later released them.

Ashraf is still at large as the army continues to conduct large scale manhunt for him and has raided his hometown several times since Sunday where soldiers conducted searches of his family home and other homes causing heavy damage and often leading to confrontations with the local residents.

Meanwhile, mayor of Beit Lid, a town adjacent to Shweikeh, told WAFA that Israeli soldiers and dogs ransacked the town during the night, breaking into shops and homes and  causing heavy damage in all places they have entered in their search for the alleged attacker.

He said not a single house or shop was left without destruction as the soldiers broke into them, stealing money and ransacking them under the pretext of searching for Ashraf.


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