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Video shows Israeli soldiers shooting to kill teenager

BETHLEHEM, January 17, 2017 (WAFA) – A video tape of Monday’s shooting incident in the village of Tuqou, near Bethlehem showed Israeli soldiers open fire to kill Qusai al-Imour, 17, and then drag him for 100 meters while seriously injured.

The video was taken by photojournalist Hisham Abu Shaqra, who happened to be in Tuqou filming the confrontations that had erupted that day between village youths and soldiers who apparently provoked the clashes when they entered the village without any reason.

The video shows soldiers aiming their guns at Imour when he was sitting under a tree and then shoot him. Imour, a high school student, was hit.

Fellow youths ran toward him to help him but the soldiers, who also rushed toward him after they hit their prey, prevented the youths from reaching him.

The video then shows the soldiers dragging Imour on the ground for around 100 meters, a scene reminiscent of when the soldiers shot Shaker Hassouneh, 21, in Hebron on January 12, 2001 and dragged him for a distance and many others, including one in Ramallah in late 2015.

Imour, who was still alive when the soldiers grabbed him, died shortly after.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said he was hit by three bullets to the chest.

The soldiers were not satisfied with shooting Imour and killing him in cold blood, they even opened fire at Palestinians who tried to free him from the soldiers’ hands injuring four, one of them an elderly woman.


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