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Foreign Ministry: Israel’s violation of law puts UN credibility on the line

RAMALLAH, January 3, 2017 (WAFA) – The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday that the continuous Israeli violation of international law puts United Nations credibility on the line.

It said in a statement that “the UN and its departments are now put to a serious test to see if they can turn their resolutions on Palestine into workable steps capable of stopping Israel’s insubordination to the international community and put an end to its disregard of international and humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions.”

The ministry emphasized that “it is time for an urgent international action that will hold Israel accountable for its violation and breach of international law in order to guarantee an end for its occupation of the Palestinian land.”

It added that “the actions of the extremist right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu in settlement activities puts the international community in front of big challenges related to moral and legal obligations toward the Palestinian people and international will for peace based on the two-state solution, particularly following the adoption of UNSC resolution 2334 on settlements.”

The ministry also pointed out that “the Netanyahu government is continuing in its war against Palestinian presence, particularly in Area C (of the West Bank) and occupied Jerusalem, by intensifying its theft of Palestinian land for the benefit of settlements and settlers while daily targeting Palestinian presence in those areas to force the Palestinian families to leave and have them kicked out from their lands and dwellings.”

The ministry condemned the Israeli demolition of 11 structures in Khan al-Ahmar area, east of Jerusalem, leaving more than 200 people, most of them women and children, homeless.

The demolished Bedouin dwellings were located in the heart of an area known as E1, where Israel plans to build a settlement, said the ministry.


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