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US Court of Appeals drop $900m lawsuit against PA over Israel attacks


RAMALLAH, Sunday, May 3, 2020 (WAFA) – The US Court of Appeals of the District of Colombia has dropped a lawsuit filed in 2004 against the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization, for damages suffered by American families in attacks allegedly carried out by Palestinians against Israeli targets.

The court decided that “the district court lacked personal jurisdiction over the defendants” in Shabtai Scott Shatsky vs. the Palestine Liberation Organization, et al. The suit was brought by the American victims of a 2002 suicide bombing in the West Bank against the PLO and the PA.

The Palestinian Ministry of Finance said the US court rejected the appeal made by far-right groups in the well-known Shatsky lawsuit, submitted against the PLO and the PA in 2004. The plaintiffs were demanding about $900 million in damages.

The Finance Ministry expressed its satisfaction with the ruling saying it is the result of the efforts made by its accredited team of attorneys in Washington.




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