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Swedish activist arrives in Prague on his walking trip to Palestine


PRAGUE, October 14, 2017 (WAFA) – Palestine’s embassy to Prague celebrated on Friday Benjamin Ladra, a Swedish activist, after his arrival in the Czech capital more than two months after he started his awareness of the occupation walk to Palestine.

Ladra, 25, said he left his homeland on August 5 heading toward Germany until his arrival in Prague on his long walk to Palestine that will take him through 15 countries.

He said he hopes to arrive in Palestine in the summer on a trip that he plans to take him through as many countries as possible to raise their awareness of the Palestinian cause.

“I want to raise awareness everywhere through this walk of the Israeli occupation,” he said, adding that he decided to make this walk as part of his moral obligation to express solidarity with the Palestinian people.

After Prague, Ladra is expected to arrive in Austria. He tries to stay with people who come out to show their support for his move, but often sleeps in a tent he brought with him.

Palestine’s Ambassador to Prague, Khaled Atrash, said in the event celebrating Ladra’s arrival in the Czech Republic that Foreign Minister Riyad Malki gave instructions to all the Palestinian embassies in the countries the Swedish activist is expected to walk through to provide him all assistance possible to make his walk successful.

Ladra decided to make this walk at this time to mark the 100-year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration when former British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour promised Europe’s Jews a homeland in Palestine against the will of its indigenous Arab people.


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