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Two Palestinians tested positive of coronavirus in West Bank; total 62 in Palestine


RAMALLAH, Wednesday, March 25, 2020 (WAFA) – Two Palestinian women in the West Bank have tested positive of coronavirus raising the total in Palestine to 62, today said government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem.

He said in his daily briefing on the novel disease that one woman in her 20s from Ramallah, whose mother was tested positive of the disease yesterday after returning home from the United States, has also tested positive and moved to the special healing center near Ramallah.

The second is for a woman in her 60s from the village of Biddo, near Ramallah, who may have contracted the disease from her sons who work in Israel, said Milhem, since she was not a traveler nor seem to have been in contact with infected people. Tests are currently being conducted on her sons to see if any of them carries the virus. The woman was also moved to the healing center near Ramallah.

Milhem also said two female students from Ramallah who were studying in Italy and returned home the day before yesterday tested negative for the disease and were sent for a home quarantine for two weeks.

Two of the 62 total cases in Palestine are in the Gaza Strip and the rest in the West Bank, mainly in the cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem.

Milhem said tests on 16 cases in Bethlehem came back positive and therefore they will continue to be in the quarantine center in the city.

He said that tests were conducted on 4702 cases in Palestine since the start of the disease earlier this month and the majority were negative.


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