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Israeli Army Kills 2 Palestinians at Checkpoint in Jordan Valley

BETHLEHEM, January 9, 2016 (WAFA) – Israeli forces early Saturday shot and killed two Palestinian locals from Jenin at al-Hamra Israeli military checkpoint in the northern Jordan Valley, according to security and Red Crescent sources.

Sources informed WAFA that armed Israeli soldiers opened fire on 23 year-old Ali Abu Mariam, and 38-year-old Sa’id Abu al-Wafa, from Jenin’s villages of al-Jadida and al-Zawyeh, respectively, as they attempted to cross the checkpoint.

The Israeli military claimed that both Abu Mariam and Abu al-Wafa attempted to stab soldiers at the checkpoint, however, witnesses at the scene refuted the Israeli allegations.

Witnesses confirmed that soldiers opened fire on the car that was carrying both Abu al-Wafa, and Abu Mariam, before the former dragged them out of the car.

Red Crescent personnel in Tubas, Ra’ed al-Thaher, said that forces prevented them from providing both above-mentioned Palestinians, one of whom was shot in the head, while the other received several bullets, with first aid, leaving them to bleed to death.

He said that soldiers were seen placing one of the Palestinians on a stretcher, whereas the other Palestinian was dragged inside one of the booths at the checkpoint.

The families of the said Palestinians confirmed that that Abu al-Wafa, and Abu Mariam are well-known traders and were heading for work at the time of the incident.

Forces reportedly closed the checkpoint from both directions before the movement of Palestinian locals following the shooting incident.

This brings the total number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces’ fire since the outbreak of violent unrest across the Palestinian Territory, Gaza, and Israel in early October 2015, to 151, including 27 children and seven women.


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