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Hunger-striking prisoners end their fast after reaching a deal with prison authorities


RAMALLAH, Thursday, September 26, 2019 (WAFA) – About 100 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails ended today their two-weeks-long hunger strike after the Israeli Prison Services (IPS) started implementing the deal reached yesterday with the prisoners’ representatives regarding their demands on removing jamming devices from prisons, said the Palestinian Prisoners Commission.

The agreement stipulates that all prisoners who went on hunger strike 15 days ago to protest the installation of the jamming devices in the prisons will be returned to their prisons and that the transmission of jamming devices will be reduced to radio and television frequencies only. At the same time, the IPS will start installing public phones in the prisons, which the prisoners will be able to use to call their families five days a week starting Sunday.

It also says that all punitive measures against the striking prisoners will be cancelled.

The Commission added the agreement stipulates that the Gaza prisoners will be allowed to move to the Naqab prison and that the hunger-striking prisoners will not be punished.


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