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Hamas forces attack protesters against high cost of living, taxes in Gaza


?Protesters in Gaza setting tires ablaze demanding lower prices and end to taxes. 

GAZA, Thursday, March 14, 2019 (WAFA) – Hamas forces armed with guns and clubs attacked today hundreds of Palestinians protesting in Gaza City against the high prices of goods and taxes imposed by the de facto government in the Gaza Strip.

Witnesses said Hamas forces beat up participants in the protests, causing several injuries, including among children and women, in an attempt to disperse the protesters who set fires ablaze and blocked roads.

Forces also set up checkpoints on roads leading to Gaza City to prevent people from joining what some have described as a rebellion against the 12-year long Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian factions have criticized the crackdown on the protesters in Gaza, stressing their right to peaceful protest and to express their views on their dismal situation under Hamas rule.


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