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Newspaper Review: President’s Meeting with Egyptian Foreign Minister Focus of Dailies

RAMALLAH, June 30, 2016 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas’ meeting with Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Samih Shukri in Ramallah hit the front page headlines in Palestinian dailies.

Covering this theme in its main front page news article, al-Hayat al-Jadida said both Abbas and Shukri confirmed the continuation of Palestinian-Egyptian political consultations or deliberations ]in supporting the French peace initiative and preparing for the international peace conference[.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida added both Abbas and Shukri confirmed the continuation of talks to draw on the Middle East Peace Quartet’s efforts.

It reported Shukri as stating that there is no intention to modify the Arab Peace Initiative and pledging that Arab countries would take action in the United Nations Security Council in a timely manner.

It also reported him as stating that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s peace talk initiative represent Egypt’s comprehensive vision to bring about regional peace and stability.

Furthermore, the three dailies highlighted UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message to the UN International Conference in support of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks in Geneva.

The three dailies reported Ban as stating: “Israel’s settlement enterprise . . . constitute]s[ a significant threat to a viable Palestinian state.”

Highlighting a deadly Palestinian family dispute, the three dailies said three Palestinians were killed and 15 others were injured, including serious injuries, in a violent family dispute in Yaabad village in the northern West Bank district of Jenin.

Covering the triple suicide bombings at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, al-Quds and al-Ayyam said the bombings left 41 dead and 239 injured. They added the “Islamic State” group was named as the perpetrator.

The three dailies explained in this regard a Palestinian woman was killed and seven other Palestinians were injured in the attack.

The slain Palestinian woman was identified as Nisrin Hammad from the Jenin town of Arraba in the northern West Bank.

Covering the latest Israeli settlers’ assaults on Palestinian property, al-Quds said settlers ]from Beitar Illit settlement[ raided Palestinian farmlands in the Bethlehem village of Wadi Fukin, tearing up plants.

It added settlers stormed a Palestinian house in the Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Qarmi, seizing its contents.

Al-Ayyam said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to exclude Hanin Zau‘bi from the membership of Israeli Knesset.

It also reported a Palestinian family has filed a complaint against a French tech company over complicity in war crimes against Palestinians.

Finally, al-Hayat al-Jadida reported President of Palestinian Football Association Jibril Rajoub as announcing a FIFA delegation led by Tokyo Sexwale is scheduled to arrive in the occupied Palestinian Territories to examine Israeli occupation violations against Palestinian players.



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