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Injuries reported in Gaza in a night of heavy Israeli strikes


GAZA, June 20, 2018 (WAFA) – A number of Palestinians were injured in the Gaza Strip following Israeli air strikes on different areas in Gaza during the night and early Wednesday, according to WAFA correspondent and reports.

Air strikes were conducted from the north of the Gaza Strip to the south, where at 25 different locations were hit by missiles causing at least three injuries – two in the Rafah area and one in Khan Younis area in the south.

Residents reported hearing big explosions throughout the night, causing panic and fear of possible escalation in the fighting.

Fire was also caused in some areas hit by missiles as well as damage to homes.

Meanwhile, in retaliation, Palestinian factions in Gaza fired at least 45 rockets at targets in southern Israel, most intercepted by Israel’s land defenses while few fell short of their targets. No damage or injuries were reported.

Israel attacked targets in Gaza apparently in response to the paper kites carrying flammable material that were flown from Gaza into Israel over the past few weeks that have caused heavy fire and damage in bordering fields.

Following the Israeli strikes, the factions in Gaza responded with a barrage of makeshift rocker fire.

The factions have warned that they will respond to Israeli strikes with rocket attacks.


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