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Too early to speak of corresponding US-Israeli position, says foreign ministry

RAMALLAH, February 16, 2017 (WAFA) – The ministry of foreign affairs Thursday said it is too early to speak of a corresponding US-Israel position, as the new US administration is still in a state of evaluating the different aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It said in a press release Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the ruling right wing’s efforts to promote a false idea that Washington DC and Tel Aviv adopt corresponding positions is part of a campaign to cast a sense of victory over Netanyahu’s visit to Washington and boost his popularity among the right wing and settlers as well as save himself from the ongoing police investigations.

“Netanyahu repeated his anti-Palestinian and peace-opposing positions and waved his preconditions to manipulate the US position and repeated myths to create a new political understanding that doesn’t relate to reality.”

The ministry said this is a strategy that world countries have used in conflicts, wars and crisis to manipulate public opinion and politicians. “It seems that Netanyahu has adopted this approach during the press conference and closed meetings with Trump.”

In response to what the ministry described as lies, it said Palestinians can easily refute the claims Netanyahu used if they were offered the same meeting opportunity, especially the preconditions which contradict previous discussions about setting no preconditions.

“Second, such preconditions are impossible to carry out and Netanyahu realizes that but is determined to stick to them to prevent the possibility of serious negotiations.”

The ministry said we expect the US administration to refuse Israel’s unrealistic preconditions which render a peace between Palestinians and Israelis an impossible goal.


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