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Israeli Army Attacks Students, Health Care Center in Hebron with Tear Gas

HEBRON, May 10, 2016 (WAFA) – A number of Palestinian students and staff from Hebron’s Health Work Committees’ Emergency Center Tuesday suffocated by tear gas fired by Israeli forces directly toward students and inside the center.

WAFA correspondent said Israeli armed soldiers manning Abu al-Rish Israeli military checkpoint in the southern area of Hebron city, fired tear gas canisters inside the emergency center as well as toward students present in the area, causing many to suffocate. They were all treated at the scene.

To be noted, The said center has been repeatedly targeted by Israeli forces stationed in the area; it was numerously raided and attacked with tear gas and waste water.

The center is considered the sole health care provider  for about 60 thousand Palestinian locals in the area.

In a previous condemnation statement issued by the Health Work committee (HWC), the committee ‘denounced the systematic targeting of its center in Hebron by the Israeli Occupation Forces and confirmed its commitment to providing around the clock services to citizens there and that the occupation measures and harassments will not stop the organization’s humanitarian health services to citizens.’

HWC urged the international human rights and health organizations to intervene urgently and rapidly to stop the assaults on the center and other health institutions, and stop the targeting of doctors and medical personnel by the occupation. It also calls for the application of international conventions and treaties to ensure that the health institutions to work in all conditions without harassment.

HWC have previously called for the urgent need of protecting the health centers and health staff from the Israeli occupation’s attacks, which are considered war crimes that require those who are responsible for it, to be held accountable for.


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