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Israeli Troops Open Fire at Fishermen, Farmers off Gaza

GAZA, February 15, 2016 (WAFA) – Israeli naval troops Monday opened live fire towards Palestinian fishermen while sailing offshore Gaza city, while Israeli soldiers opened fire at farmers near the border with the Gaza Strip to the east of Khan Younes, according to local sources.

WAFA correspondent said Israeli naval boats targeted with gunfire Palestinian fishermen who were sailing within the allowed six-nautical-mile zone along Gaza’s shore.

Israeli troops patrolling at Kissufim military base, adjacent to the Gaza-Israel border east of Khan Younes, also opened live fire towards Palestinian fishermen while they were working in their farmlands.

There were no reports of casualties in both incidents.

Israeli forces have repeatedly opened fire on Palestinian farmers and fishermen during the past few years.

The exacts of the nautical and ground buffer zone are unclear, but are enforced with live fire, putting the lives of Palestinian farmers and fishermen who work near the border at risk.

According to United Nations OCHA, 17 percent of Gaza‘s total land area and 35 percent of its agricultural land lie within the buffer zone as of 2010, directly affecting the lives and livelihoods of more than 100,000 Gaza residents.

“Israeli forces’ use of live ammunition has placed up to 35 percent of Gaza’s agricultural land off-s to farmers,” it said.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights reported 41 incidents of live fire on the borderlines during December 2015 alone.

Earlier this month, a Palestinian was killed and three others were injured by Israeli artillery fire in the northern Gaza Strip after the Israeli army said the four planned to attack forces on the border.


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