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Foreign Ministry: July witnessed significant escalation of Israeli demolitions of Palestinian houses, facilities


RAMALLAH, Sunday, August 04, 2019 (WAFA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement that the last month of July witnessed a significant escalation of Israeli demolitions of Palestinian houses and facilities.

According to surveys conducted by local, Israeli, and foreign research centers and UN reports, the demolitions in July exceeded 43 demolitions against facilities, water wells, houses and apartments, displacing hundreds of Palestinians, noting that some of these facilities were built through European funding, said the statement.

The ministry condemned, in the strongest terms, the escalated Israeli demolitions of houses and facilities and the displacement of Palestinians, whether in areas classified as "C", or in other areas classified as "B", and even in areas classified as "A", in contradiction to signed agreements and international treaties that prohibit and criminalize demolitions in occupied territories under any pretext.

As per the Oslo Accord, Area A includes the main Palestinian population centers under the PA’s administrative and security control and makes up 18% of the West Bank. Area B is under the PA’s administrative control and Israel’s security control and makes up 21% of the West Bank. Area C, which makes up 61% of the West Bank, is under Israeli administrative and security control.

The ministry called on the UN Security Council to break its silence and take the necessary measures as stipulated by the international law in order to deter the occupation and force it to retreat from its colonial plans in the Palestinian territories.


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