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Israeli Navy Detains 9 Fishermen off Gaza

GAZA, February 29, 2016 (WAFA) – Israeli navy on Monday attacked and detained nine Palestinian fishermen while they were on board two fishing boats offshore Gaza, according to local sources.

Zakaria Bakr, a fisherman, told WAFA that Israeli naval boats attacked two fishing boats that were carrying nine Palestinian fishermen off Gaza. The navy then asked at gunpoint the nine fishermen to swim towards the Israeli boats and detained them, before leading them to Ashdod seaport in southern Israel, Bakr added.

The navy also seized the two fishing boats and dragged them to Ashdod seaport as well.

The nine fishermen were identified as Majed Bakr, Fadi Bakr, Amran Bakr, Mohammad Ziyad Bakr, Khalil Bakr, Wafdi Bakr, Khamis Bakr, Yusri Akhsham, and Mohammad Nezar Bakr.

This came only few hours after the navy opened heavy machine gunfire on fishermen’s boats while sailing within the same area, which caused damage to two boats. No injuries were reported among fishermen who apparently fled the scene.


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