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UPDATE: Israel Detains 46 Palestinians in Jerusalem, West Bank

JERUSALEM, July 27, 2016 (WAFA) – Israeli forces on Wednesday detained at least 46 Palestinians during predawn raids in Jerusalem and the West Bank districts, according to local sources.

The Silwan-based Al-Bustan Association told WAFA that Israeli policemen accompanied by sniffer dogs broke into the district, where they detained at least 26 Palestinians.

The detainees were identified as Mohammad al-Qawasmi, Mutasem Abu Tayeh, Ayman Abu Tayeh, Kayed Rajabi, Alaa Khatib, Mohammad Abul-Khomoum, Taha Abu Tayeh, Haroun Awar, Kareem Abu Tayeh, Adi Abu Tayeh, Tareq Zaghal, Mohammad Awwad, Ahmad Dandis, Ibrahim Dandis, Mohammad Hejazi, Mansour Sheyoukhi, Muntaser Sheyoukhi, Abed Barbar, Mousa Kasham, Omar Sharaf, Ameer Najdi, Adel Abu Nab, Khalil Odeh, Mohammad Shaloudi, Yousef Abbasi, Rabee Bashir, Anan Abu Khdeir, Mohammad Qutub, Sharif Abu Mayala, Mustafa Mehesen, Ammar Atiya, and Ziad Hejazi.

The occupation forces also handed summons to five other Palestinians from Silwan to appear for interrogation.

Meanwhile in Hebron district, in southern West Bank, Israeli army detained six Palestinians after raiding the town of Surif. They were identified as Mohammad Ali al-Hih, Samiha al-Hih, Diaa Ghnemat, Ahmad al-Hour, Rami Abu Rmeleh, and Mohammad Ziad Hmedat, 17.

In Jenin district, in northern West Bank, forces detained Abder-Rahman Sanouri, Mohammad Nour Abur-rub, Ali Antari, and Jawad Abur-rub.

Israeli forces also detained Osaid Sulaiman from Tulkarm district; Jamil Sharab from the village of Awarta, south of Nablus, and Hani Shubeita from the village of Azzoun near Qalqilia.

A female, identified as Raghad Shouani, was detained by Israeli soldiers at Qalandia checkpoint, on Ramallah-Jerusalem road.



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