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Israel detained almost 6500 Palestinians in 2018, says Prisoners Commission


RAMALLAH, Saturday, December 29, 2018 (WAFA) – Israel detained 6489 Palestinians during 2018, including 1063 children, 140 women, six lawmakers and 38 journalists, the Palestinian Prisoners Commission said on Saturday in a report on Israeli detention of Palestinians during 2018.

It said Israel also issued 988 administrative detention orders against Palestinian activists, including 389 new ones and the rest were renewal of orders already being served.

The commission said the highest number of detentions took place in January and reached 675 people.

A total of 4495 detentions occurred in the West Bank (69.3% of the total), while 1803 (27.8%) were in occupied East Jerusalem. In addition, 191 (2.9%) people were detained in Gaza, most of them fishermen and others at Erez/Beit Hanoun border crossing with Israel.

The commission said most of the journalists were detained for their writings on social media. It said 27 journalists are still in prison  In addition, 350 Palestinians were detained for their social media writings or posting pictures of Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers or even for liking a post.


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