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Jerusalemite lawyer succeeds in canceling petition for demolition of 16 structures in Hizma town

JERUSALEM, Monday, June 21, 2021 (WAFA) – Jerusalemite lawyer and legal expert Medhat Thiba succeeded today in obtaining an Israeli court ruling rejecting a petition filed by Ragabim settlement Association for the demolition of 16 Palestinian structures in the town of Hizma to the northeast of occupied Jerusalem, which falls within the jurisdiction of the so-called Israeli West Jerusalem Municipality.

The legal expert said in a phone interview with WAFA that he succeeded in canceling the petition to demolish the 16 structures in Hizma town, which included building materials stores, car repair and wash shops, and gas stations that have been in place for decades.

He said the Ragabim settlement Association has worked during the past two years to compel a number of the occupation institutions with various specializations to work on demolishing these facilities.

The said association submitted a preliminary complaint to the occupation police and the Jerusalem municipality in 2018 against these facilities, followed by other complaints during the past two years, the last of which was two months ago.

He said that the Ragabim settlement association was established in the eighties and works to submit racist complaints to the official occupation institutions against the Palestinian areas in the West Bank and the Negev, in order to issue and implement demolition, confiscation, and displacement decisions against them.



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