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Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters in London demand end of the occupation

Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters in London demand end of the occupation
Demonstrators waved flags and carried placards in London this afternoon

LONDON, Saturday, June 12, 2021 (WAFA) – Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters gathered today in London to call for an end of the Israeli occupation and apartheid in occupied Palestine.

The massive protest came as the leaders of the so-called world’s biggest democracies gathered in Cornwall for the G7 summit to discuss a number of issues including how the world can rebuild and recover from the pandemic.

The protest, organised by The Resist the G7 coalition, demonstrators marched to Downing Street to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine. The protesters held placards and chanted “free, free Palestine”. They also chanted, ‘‘Five, six, seven, eight, Israel is a terror state. One, two, three, four, occupation no more. What do you want? Justice! When do you want it? Now!’’

During the rally, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn addressed the crowd and called on the G7 to support Palestinian refugees and recognize the rights of Palestinian people.

Corbyn said the issues faced by the people of Palestine should be acknowledged by the leaders.

During his speech, Corbyn said that the demands of pro-Palestine supporters are “clear”: “End the occupation of the West Bank, the withdrawal of all the settlements and an end to the siege of Gaza.”

He added that he was “proud” to include recognizing Palestine as a state in the 2019 Labour manifesto, concluding that “we must stand together for the freedom for the people of Palestine”.

Other speakers at the protest included human rights campaigner Leanne Mohamad and rapper and activist Lowkey.



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